Music, they say, is the food of the soul. Good music therefore is the best nourishment any soul can get. When you therefore find any music that does not only nourish the soul but connects and lifts souls of lovers, there you just found a great music. This perfectly captures the theme and message of the latest song by the talented act, June Keed“NO ONE”. The song whose beat presents a fusion of “Afro” and “Reggae” in such an amiable and melodious style with inspiring lyrics, is currently enjoying acceptance from within and outside Nigeria.

NO ONE is coming just after the release of “MR CHILLING” and “POSSIBLE” by the same act that are still enjoying massive airplay and acceptance by the public. With the signature of excellence “stamped” on NO ONE, June Keed has clearly sent a reverberating message to both the entertainment community and the general public that he has indeed come to stay on the Africa’s entertainment stage and he is ready to claim a front-line spot.


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